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We at Oswald-Cole And Associates, the owner of this Website, or Site: www.oswaldassoc.com want to thank you for visiting.

This Site, www.oswaldassoc.com, and www.oseald-cole.com are owned and operated by the staff of Oswald-Cole And Associates.

Within this document, Oswald-Cole And Associates may also be referred to as "Us" or "We". We may also use the word "Our" which implies a belonging to Oswald-Cole And Associates.

First and foremost, we want your visit to be pleasant, enjoyable, and informative. We also want you to feel safe and comfortable, not just in visiting our site, but in conducting business with us. You see, by visiting our site, you are conducting business with us.

This document refers strictly to Privacy Matters and concerns that you may have regarding your information. We have described our operations that would affect your privacy throughout this document in great detail, however we realize that you may still have questions. If you do have a question, or concern, you may feel free to contact us. Our staff will do everything possible to answer your questions and alleviate any fears you may have regarding your privacy in relation to our website and online business practices.

How We Collect Your Information

Site Forms - If you complete one of our website's forms such as the form on our Contact Us page, your information is then passed through to our database using Active Server Pages (ASP), a programming tool. Because we use ASP and a password secured database, we are making every effort to protect your information.

Cookies - We are not currently using cookies on our site.

Email - If you send an email to us, we will retain your email address on file, along with the message you sent to us. If you request to be added to our Mailing List by email, instead of using our Site to make your request, we will add you to our database of mailing list records.

What Information We Collect

The information we collect is limited to that information you enter through any of our website's forms or any information you send us via email.

How We Use Your Information

Contact Requests - By completing our Contact Form on our Contact Us page, you are agreeing to be added to our Contact/Mailing List. This means we will, periodically, send you information, by email, in which we believe you may hold an interest. If you should receive such an email from us, you may remove yourself at any time from our Contact/Mailing List, by following the Removal Instructions that we include with such email messages or by contacting us by telephone.

Whenever you submit information through our Contact Form, we consider your submission to be a request that we contact you.

You should know that we answer each contact request personally, either by email or by telephone. We will use the information you submit to respond to your request.

Mailing List Subscription - If you subscribe to, or join, our Mailing List you will be added to our Mailing List Records. You will receive mailings that we feel may be of interest to you. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the Removal or Unsubscribe Instructions at the bottom of any email message. You may also contact us by telephone.

How Your Information is Stored

We store your information in our password secured databases and periodically, we download that information to our company's internal network, removing it from the server. We do not make any guarantees to the times or dates when we will be performing such tasks. Your information will remain in our archives for as long as we are required to retain it as mandated by Federal and South Carolina State Laws.

Our Responsibilities, Liabilities and Limitations Regarding Your Information

We will not sell, rent, lease, share or give your information to anyone not directly employed by Oswald-Cole And Associates, unless we are subpoenaed to do so by law enforcement authorities. The only exception to this is if you violate any of the Terms of this Privacy Policy or Our Website Terms Of Use Agreement, such as submitting child pornography or using our email addresses to send spam mail. We will then do everything within our power to submit your information to the proper authorities.

As previously stated, you may remove yourself from our mailing list at any time. Removal instructions will be available in any email advertising message that we send you. Personal email messages, from us to you in response to an email or request we receive from you, will not include removal instructions, as we understand that, by your submission, you are expecting a response from us.

Although we make every effort to protect your information, we can not guarantee that we will never lose it, as "crashes" and other unfortunate events occur. Therefore we can not and will not be liable for any crimes against us or our website such as theft, hacking, copying, republishing, redistribution, or other such illegal actions performed by individuals/entities not associated with Oswald-Cole And Associates.

Children's Privacy

Our Site does not contain any information that would be of interest or value to children nor do we knowingly target children in any of our advertisements or advertising campaigns, including email campaigns or offline direct mail campaigns.

Additionally, if you are under the age of 18 years, you should not post anything through this website. If you are a parent of under-aged children, you should supervise them when they are visiting this website.

If, by an oversight on our part, you are a child or the parent of a child who receives information from this website, or any of the websites owned by Oswald-Cole And Associates, you should forward a copy of the email to us immediately upon your receipt of the email.


You should send any disputes to our Administration Department by email: administration@oswaldassoc.com or by U.S. Mail to the address included within the section "Contact Information" below. You may also reach us by phone at the number listed below or on our "Contact Us" page.

Contact Information

You may contact us as follows:

By Snail Mail:

Oswald-Cole And Associates

1126 N. Jefferies Blvd.

Walterboro, South Carolina USA 29488

By Email:


By Telephone:


Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

Thank you again for visiting our Website. We value your patronage.

The Staff of Oswald-Cole And Associates

Cole And Associates
202 Carn St.
Walterboro, SC 29488 USA

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

Email: manager@oswaldassoc.com
Phone: 843.549.6611
Fax: 843.549.3259

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